The Effect Of Stress And How To Manage Stress

The Effect Of Stress And How To Manage Stress

Stress is a bad factor. But some used to say that if you can utilize this bad factor wisely then it will bring you tremendous help for living a quality life. In some other terminology stress is a common factor.

You can never watch a sportsperson relaxed before the start of on important sports event. There is stress in the mind though he/she looks physically fit. However, stress is a factor that can also bring you some negative impact. Sometime effects of stress are hard to resist and you may suffer from sever mental disturbances.

Stress can too bring you some physical effects. Well, its time to look for the physical effects first.

Physical Effect Of Stress

There are several elements that we use on a regular basis. These elements can be found in forms. The basic form you can find it through the chemical effects within our modern lifestyle. Often we are depending highly upon pesticides and body sprays. These are the elements that contain chemicals in a great amount.

 Additives and fertilizers are becoming the much-needed part of our food culture and we cannot avoid it by any means. These are the key means through which chemicals are adding up to out nervous system with the intake of food. Thus it can create a good amount stress for us. When we are using drugs on a long term to eradicate certain diseases, stress reaction may evolve within human anatomy.

Sometime loads of work and over exertion can too create stress. These days, more and more people prefer to accomplish workout at home. Sometime they lack the real techniques associated with exercises. And here they may come across physical stress. Stress can also create emotional effects. Due to stress you may get irritated and loose the actual hold on life. Several disease and illness will follow you due to heavy stress.

Stress can lessen up the energy level, thus resulting into diseases. When people used to come across such a stage in life where they can only find problems and there is no way out, there stress comes into play and can ruin your life. If you are choosing meditation for some specific health gain, check the study being used and check out that particular benefit was in fact done on that meditation method and not on other practice. 

When you look in the research, make sure that the study was peer reviewed & published in reputable scientific and academic journal. In case study showing some specific advantage like deep relaxation and reduced anxiety was been replicated by some other studies on that similar practice, then science is further more compelling. While it comes reducing stress & anxiety, scientists now have again found all the meditation techniques are not equally effectual.

 Practices that use concentration are found to increase anxiety, and same meta study found that majority of the meditation practices are not very effective than placebo at decreasing.


How To Manage Stress

Stress is something that can make our life difficult. Whether you are going under stress due to family condition or for working environment, somehow you need to look for better stress management system that can lessen up the level of stress for you. Well, in this regard you can learn the techniques from Gurus or can go for the online media. But keep in mind that stress needs to be treated properly. So, choose such stress management techniques that suits your lifestyle and can bring you effective result in less time.

In this regard thriving stress management techniques can bring you more good results. These techniques can be learned by anyone easily and the implementation is always easy. You can learn these simple techniques to revamp over the critical situations of life and can also teach other about such technique to achieve a much better life.

 Even if experts have given their suggestion that manage your stress and live a pleasant life. Well, its time for the techniques. First thing you need to accomplish in this regard is that treat stress as your friend. We live in such a world where stress is common. So, there is no reason to get worried about it. You may become concern about heavy stress but becoming worried about is not at all a wise move.

 You are never going to find a single sportsman without stress just before a match or sporting activity. You can use the stress factor to boost your morals and that what we can call as a wise move.

Stressed people are the key carrier of stress germs. They used to sneeze these germs unknowingly and subconsciously you may get affected with it. You can limit your contact with such stressed people so that you can avoid the stress germs. If you are feeling that stress factor is inclining within you then go for the experts that can bring you some good move for lowering your stress level.

 Meditating in the groups is very common and powerful, and each meditator has quiet, unique, and private experience. In workplace, the meditation is practiced openly, and nor it is discussed, except in small groups and among friends and family. When I was workshop presenter, I had lots o participants speaking to me privately at the break times to admit that they meditate.

I’m comfortable with variety of words that are used to depict meditation. My purpose for meditation is connecting with Divine and replenished by Source. Few speak about the mystical experiences and the higher consciousness, where as others are comfortable talking about calmness, relaxation, and resilience. Heightened intuition, awareness, imagery & vision are often used to describe knowledge of meditation

I also find that helping people to express their meditation experiences is powerful practice for them, and even when words don’t flow smoothly. Long time meditators will find other long time mediators very easily. Meditators give-off signals and vibrations, which are calmer & aligned, self than one who don’t meditate or don’t have meditative type practice, which taps in higher consciousness.


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