The Best Meditation Headband and Headset 2021 Guide

The Best Meditation Headband and Headset 2021 Guide

How many times have you tried to concentrate and finally meditate? Some thought or the other may come and spoil your act of peace. But thankfully technology has the answer here. You can use a meditation headband and headset to meditate effortlessly and within no time.

You can either allow time and hours of practice to develop focus and get in a meditative mindset. Or else, you can take the shortcut by using meditation headsets to get into the meditation headspace.

Before diving into the best meditation headbands and headsets, let’s get to know a bit more about using these.

What Does A Meditation Headband Do?

Simply said, a meditation headband is an instrument that you wear on your head. It helps monitor your brain waves and stimulates the brain to unlock new levels of mindfulness. Typically, it is super easy to use these headbands, even for the non-tech savvy.

If you are an overthinker, these bands will serve you timely reminders to relax every time you think too much. This is done by machine monitoring of your brain waves. Depending upon what exactly you are aiming for, you can get different types of headbands. For instance, some will allow you to passively observe your performance, whereas others will actively stimulate your brain to attain a deeper state of meditation.

Types of Meditation Headbands and Headsets

Broadly speaking, there are 3 types of Meditation Headbands; Brain-wave monitoring or EEG Headband, Neurofeedback meditation, and Light and Sound-Stimulation. Brain-wave monitoring headbands use EEG or Biofeedback devices to measure your brain-wave frequencies, i.e., Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. Depending upon your level of relaxation and depth of meditation, the brain enters different waves.

When you sleep, your brain enters Delta whereas meditative brains are usually in and above Theta-wave frequency. The second type, Neuromeditation headband tries to electrically stimulate the brain to enter your desired state of mind. Here, you rely on technology to enter the deep state rather than on your own efforts. Nonetheless, it helps you become familiar with the Zen state and makes it easier to re-enter by yourself.

Lastly, the upcoming headband type is the one with light and sound features. It makes use of lights and sound to alter your brain state.

Benefits Of Using A Meditation Headband

We are all familiar with the benefits of meditation – headache and stress relief, increased productivity, increases focus and boosts health. A meditation headband not only makes meditation feel like a cakewalk but also enhances the tangible health benefits 

  • Helps you track goals, maintain motivation by challenging friends and gives daily reminder using the linked apps.
  • Helps practice mindfulness: calms the mind and relaxes the body.
  • Raise brain waves and enter an altered state of consciousness (theta state of mind).
  • Helps experience restful, continuous sleep.
  • Break free from negative emotions like anger, resentment and focus on the positive.
  • Better attention span, learning process, and focus.
  • Stabilize blood pressure and calm heart rate
  • Helps boost overall wellbeing and strengthens the immune system.
  • Helps reduce and replace anxiety, stress, and frustration with mental peace.

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