Sophrology Exercises

Sophrology Exercises Guide For Beginners

We accumulate tension which often results in muscle stiffness, mental fatigue or pain. Body relaxation allows you to reconnect with your pleasant body sensations, without muscle tension. This is an entry-level exercise in sophrology.

  • Make yourself comfortable in the back of your chair. Feet hip-width apart, hands on thighs and head straight.
  • Quietly close your eyes, realizing your position. You listen to your breathing and let yourself slide into relaxation.
  • Then you bring your attention from the forehead, to relax all the muscles of your face, your head: the muscles of the forehead, around the eyes, your eyelids. You relax your cheek muscles, your lips are relaxed, your jaw loosens.
  • You let the trigger slide down your neck. You relax all the muscles of the neck, the back of the neck. The shoulders are heavier. You release the outside of the arms, forearms, wrists to your fingertips.
  • Then you bring your attention to the thorax, in front of the new breastbone. And from that point on you release all the muscles in that rib cage. You also relax the dorsal spine, not forgetting the insides of your arms, down to your palms.
  • Then from a point above the navel, release all the muscles in your core belt, you can feel the muscles in your stomach relaxing. All the muscles in your lumbar spine are relaxed. You gently erase the small of your back against the chair.
  • Then from the lower abdomen you release all the muscles in the lower body, all the way to the tips of your toes. Starting by relaxing the gluteal muscles, the pelvis, the hips. The muscles of the thighs, knees, calves, ankles and feet relax.
  • And by focusing our attention on the navel, you become aware of the whole shape of our body in this pleasant relaxation. Take the time to appreciate, your relaxed body. Just like your breathing which has become still, calm. Become aware of the form of the overall relaxation of your body, of its balance, of its breathing. You try to listen to everything that is going on inside you. Without judgment and without a priori.
  • Then very quietly you will take three deep breaths. And put your body back in muscle tension by starting by moving your feet and slowly working your way up to your face.

My Sophrology Exercise Guide

  • Relax in your relaxed position in the back of the seat, closing your eyes.
  • Your feet are on the ground, your pelvis is in line with your back to avoid any strain, and your hands are on your thighs.
  • Then concentrate on the points of support of your body on the chair. Take a few deep sighs to drive away all negative thoughts, unnecessary pressure.
  • Then take the time to follow your natural breathing for a few moments, like a steady, peaceful wave.
  • And quietly let come to you a pleasant, soft image: a landscape, a moment of everyday life that makes you particularly happy or a pleasant memory. It is synonymous with well-being and joy for you. You then take all your time to experience this positive content, letting your 5 senses awaken: colors, loved ones, smells, noises, flavors or even the outside temperature on your skin.
  • By living this sweet content let positive emotions rise. They soothe you. Live the positive feelings, the pleasant feelings. Live this moment fully.
  • Then, when you want, take a deep breath, as if to capture this moment and the associated emotions. And on the exhale you send all of these positive emotions into your body. You repeat this deep breath several times in a row. Let all of that positive flow, like a soft light in your head, neck, shoulders, back, chest, arms, stomach, and lower body.
  • All you have to do is put your body back in muscle tension, slowly starting with the feet and working your way up to your face, to finally open your eyes. You are then filled with positive and free from all other emotions.


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