NeoRhythm Review: The Latest Meditation Headband

What Is NeoRhythm ?

The NeoRhythm Neurostimulation Headband improves your energy while enhancing your vitality in a shorter span of its use. Well, this is what the founders and manufacturers of the device promise. Let’s see how far are they true!

Surely, you’ve dreamt even for once for a state of mind where there are ultimate peace and relaxation away from the outside world. But in today’s fast-world world where every other individual is indulged in some competition, you barely acquire that place.

What if you are spoon-fed with such a device that takes minimal time and offers you the desired peace and stress-free state of mind? NeoRhythm is just that device in the form of a Neurostimulation Headband that works according to your brain frequencies to provide the preferred state of mind.

Designed to adjust brainwaves at par with the external stimuli, the NeoRhythm Neurostimulation Headband helps you to de-stress, enhance focus, reduce deep mental and emotional pain while achieving deep relaxation. Meditation is the medium that it follows to convey these facilities to its user.

What’s In The Box

You’ll be completely impressed by its packaging and what you find inside the box when you bring home the NeoRhtyhm Neurostimulation Headband the first time. Besides the headband, the package contains several other types of equipment, as follow:

  • A micro USB cable
  • A charging dock
  • An adjustment kit
  • A test tube for detection of invisible electromagnetic rays
  • A user manual
  • A carrying bag for the headband
  • A hard reset or reboot tool for the headband

The sleek design of the NeoRhtyhm Neurostimulation Headband is an absolute swag. While the device is designed in the shape of a headband, the construct of the headband using sturdy materials and modern aesthetics offers it a futuristic dimension.

The device enables you with a charging port and a hard-reset port equipped side-by-side, with the LED indicator beside them to detect the functioning of the NeoRhythm.

Apart from the headband, the charger, and the hard-reset tool, all the other components inside the box are manufactured with high-quality materials architected with a sleek and attractive design. Such packaging makes quite a fun experience unboxing the product.

PEMF Technology and How Does It Works With NeoRhythm ?

The NeoRhythm Neurostimulation Headband works with the PEMF Technology. With the minimalist and low-profile, yet the elegance of a design that it showcases. The device has five inverted coils located inside of it. These coils adjust to the magnetic frequencies and work according to the placement of the headband on your head.

For instance, when you’ve prepared yourself for REM sleep, the theta brainwaves of your brain are under control. When you’re in deep sleep, the delta is in control. Now, NeoRhythm Neurostimulation Headband takes into account combining both the theta and delta frequencies beneath your pillow for better sleep.

There is also the NeoRhythm app that comes in handy and has an extremely easy user interface. The gesture controls of the app allow you to choose among six different settings relying upon the feeling you desire and the duration of that feel. After that, you need to tap on the control twice for the program to start.

NeoRhythm app screenshots

Design And Features

The headband and the charging dock of the device are of plastic material. It has a USB micro charging port, along with an LED status indicator that detects the functioning of the headband. Let’s learn the features in detail.


The futuristic design and working of the device are pretty easy. You can even charge the dock simply and while it’s charging, you’ll be even impressed by the attractive look it showcases. Once you get the device charged up and running, you need to install the NeoRhythm app, get yourself registered with an account and you’re good to start with your session.

The inside of the headband’s surface is well-padded for your comfort while wearing it. You’ll also get additional pads in the package that adjust to the fitness of the headband to your head. Having that said, you can wear the NeoRhythm Neostimulation Headband in various positions on your head. Each of those positions is channeled to cater to a particular characteristic that differs per user.

While you sit down for your session, open the app and tap on the Connect button twice on the gesture-controlled screen of the app on your phone. Once the device connects to the gesture of the app, you can choose your desired stimulation program from the list of settings in the app and place the device accordingly.

For instance, for this device users who have insomnia, would probably opt for the Improve Sleep function. For this function, there is a 20-minute program available on the app which requires the user to place the headband at the back of their head. There’s another program of 8-hours that needs the device to be placed below the user’s pillow.

Following such programs and instructions of the program, the device enables you with a user-friendly service to help you gain a better sleep, relaxation, and de-stressing.

The Gesture-Controls Are Top-Notch

The gesture controls of the app are amazingly effective and work like a charm to your benefit. For instance, if you prefer using the device for one specific program, like better sleep or meditation, you can simply turn the app on and tap on the recently used program of the device.

This indicates that there’s no need to approve with your app, connecting the device via Bluetooth every time you use the NeoRhythm Neostimulation Headband. All you need to do is wear the headband in the recommended position for your preferred brainwave program and use it with the tap of a button.

If in the future, you want to change the program of the device, straight-forwardly use the NeoRhythm app to change the same. This way, you are facilitated with long-term use with ease of flexibility.


The Advantages of NeoRhythm Neostimulation Headband

  • The quality of the build of the product design is sleek for your class and advanced usage.
  • The device has been curated with a sleek design.
  • Both the app and the device are easy to use.
  • The battery power allows optimum usage.


The Downside

  • The features and the usability of the device are user-specific, i.e., you’ll have to comply with the facilities that it offers and match if they suit your requirements.


Nevertheless, the manufacturers have curated the device in a way that aims to suit all kinds of wellbeing programs. A deal of around $300, the device has a good number of facilities to offer that work best to offer you a deeper state of a relaxed mind, stress-free sleep, heightened focus, and self-contentment.

Final Verdict

The futuristic wearable wellness tech that NeoRhythm Neostimulation Headband is, you are sure to reap its full benefits once you use it for at least a recommended period of two weeks. The list of settings and programs that the device has to offer you makes it worth approachable of an electro-magnetic device.

Starting from short-term programs of 20 minutes that help enhance focus, deeper relaxation, and even improves your mental health to 8-hour long sleep programs to help insomniacs deal with their sleeping problems, the device, along with the NeoRhythm app, has got it all covered.

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