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MUSE S Meditation Headband

Muse S Meditation Headband

When you start to meditation, one question you ask yourself is “Am I doing this right?” or “Is this how I am supposed to focus my mind?”. We usually have no means to know. Even Meditation teacher can not explain what is happening inside of ourselves, our internal world is so subtle that it is hard to accurately explain our experience. But Muse S meditation headband will help you to go into deep meditation session without worrie.

Meditation Headband is described as an EEG neurofeedback device.

Meditation headband is your personal meditation assistant  that you wear which monitors your brain-waves or helps you achieve deeper meditation by brain stimulation.

These headbands provide real time feedback for your mental activity, breathing, heart rate, and also body movements to help you build a consistent meditation practice.

Also they monitor your brain waves and tells you if you are thinking too much or no. They constantly remind you to relax and let your thoughts flow by.

Meditation headbands are very easy to use and make meditations much more simple and easy. You can easily monitor with your mobile device via Bluetooth.

Unfortunately, we are living in a big crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic, and it effects on our mental well-being is showing. These days everyone effected by stress, anxiety, fear etc. For that reason everyone needs daily basis mindfulness and meditation.

Before Covid-19 350 million people experiencing majör depression reported all around the World.

And another studie says,

Since COVID-19 pandemic, declared on March 11, 2020 this number increased 48.30%.

Today everything is much easier with technology, even Meditation. If you think you don’t have even 3 minutes a day, Meditation headband will help you for sure.

Some meditation headbands can provide incredible features for making easier our meditation sessions.

If we will look in little bit more, amazing technology is lying under meditation headband. Lets keep reading our reviews for better mindfulness and easy meditation but before then i would like to explain How Meditation Headband Works.

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When it comes to meditation tools, Muse has been in the industry since 2013. They pass their products to high-quality checks before rolling them out in the market. They claim to calm the mind and read your brain wave frequencies. The Muse S Headband makes use of an app; all you need to do is open it and calibrate.

The easy-to-use app comes with several useful features for different forms of meditation. You can control your breathing and ease your heart rate. Choose between body movement meditation or regular meditation, all from a single app.

As you pass different stages in your meditation practice, the app’s calibration raises its level. In other words, the Headband assesses when your Brain waves get near the target and raises the target itself, helping you improve.

Also, no need to worry if you fall asleep after meditating. This is because the Muse S headband uses only the best quality flexible fabrics Unlike Muse 2 Meditation Headband

To begin with, you have to choose background music – Jungle, Beach, or Waterfalls, from the app. The sounds help you calm and relax further once you enter a deep meditative state. If the app senses that your brain is stressed, it will play rain sounds to calm you. Whereas you will hear birds chirping sounds when calm; the sound increases in intensity to make it challenging.

However, if you get distracted and lose focus, chirping sounds get replaced with rain. Additionally, the Headband can use apps made by other developers to assess heart rate sensors.


  • Relaxing sounds
  • Helps in sleeping
  • Monitors brainwaves
  • Becomes more challenging as you progress with meditation
  • Heartbeat sensor
  • 10-hour long battery life
  • Soft inner lining with a hard protective outer covering


  • Lacks EEG monitor, you need to download a third-party app for that
  • No heart rate sensor
  • Expensive
  • Free Muse app
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