Morphée – Sleep Aid Device – Meditation and Sophrology Box

Morphée Meditation Device And Sleep Aid

Morphée is a meditation and sophrology box, it is a disconnected innovation that will help you get back to sleep and sleep better.

Morphée allows you to listen to up to 210 meditation and sophrology to promote relaxation and / or falling asleep (hence its name).

  • Body sweeping sessions
  • Breathing sessions
  • Movement sessions
  • Travel visualization sessions
  • Cardiac coherence sessions
  • Nap sessions
  • Nature sessions (with sounds of nature: sea, storm, animals, etc.)
Morphée Sophrology and Sleep aid Device

You have the choice between 2 durations; 8 or 20 minutes. And you can choose a male or female voice.

The case of the Morphée is made of a fairly solid plastic, black and matte. The cover is made of beech wood. These materials make it a beautiful decorative object, which can be left on your bedside table or desk all day.

The Morphée box is fully charged in 2 hours. This allows you to use it for ten days in standby mode or 3:30 in use..

Using the Morphée is very easy. The 3 keys on the box each have their uses.


     Turn the 1st key


This first key allows you to choose the theme of your session.


     Turn the 2nd key


Choose your session among the 210 available in the box. Each theme contains 8 different sessions.


Turn the 3rd key


Now is the time to choose the length of your session. 8 or 20 minutes, as you wish.

On the side of the box, you have a button that also allows you to choose the male or female voice that guides the session.

Another very practical feature: the box turns off automatically at the end of the session. Perfect if you managed to fall asleep during a session!

You can use the Morphée box with your children, in particular to soothe them thanks to the sounds of nature.

For stand-alone use, there is Mon Petit Morphée. It contains 192 guided meditation sessions and an invitation to travel.

Like the Morphée box, it is an unconnected device. Its intuitive design allows your child to use it alone, during the day or before bed.

Mon Petit Morphée is designed for children from 3 to 8 years old.

Morphée brings me comfort and relaxation. It allows me to be much more serene on a daily basis since what has been happening since April. I even use it during my yoga, it allows me to relax more and disconnect from the world around me. I only think of myself and my well-being. It feels good to feel good in your body but also in your head. Now in the evening I feel better, or when I really feel that something is wrong, I turn it on, start a session and relax.


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