MindPlace Kasina Deep Vision Review

Kasina Deep Vision… absolutely the best tested light & sound meditation device in the world. Equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery, MP3 player and an 8 GB micro SD card that provide with extra sessions, bringing the total sessions to 120.

Beautifully orchestrated background music fully synchronized with the many included sessions. A world of pure colors illuminates your visual and mental impressions in combination with wonderfully soothing nature sounds. So convincing that negative thoughts are completely erased from your head in no time. The KASINA meditation device offers you sublime meditation. 

KASINA light glasses have six colored LEDs per eye and are used with eyes closed. In a number of sessions, left-right light pulses are applied so that the two hemispheres are supplied with separate pulses with the aim of achieving better cooperation between the hemispheres.

Kasina’s manufacturer MindPlace ™ has been the world’s largest and most developed concept of light- and sound-controlled Meditation Devices since 1988 and has been at the absolute top of the world for decades.

  • Supplied with 120 sessions for meditation, better sleep, regenerating, learning, peak performance, mind art, trance and 26 extra sessions.
  • Integrated 8 Gb Micro SD card, MP3 player and lithium rechargeable battery + charger.
  • Create your own sessions cheaply with the FREE editor…great for therapists!
  • Easy plug and play to use
  • Ideal as a focus and sports trainer
  • Free editor app for both Windows and Mac
  • 255 shades of red, green and blue allows 16.5 million color combinations!
  • One year warranty on all parts
  • 75 integrated programs – including a lot of musical light & sound journeys in MultiColor technology
  • Color display with intuitive menu control

The term KASINA comes from the Middle Indian language “Pali” and means something like “meditation on an object” (often a colored object or a bright light). Since one of the essential properties of the KASINA is, among other things, the user is able to use rhythmically flickering light pulses of various light colors, e.g. For example, to put into a meditative state and to direct your focus to the fascinating light patterns, this term was felt to be extremely suitable to describe the KASINA experience and, inspired by it, also used as the name for the KASINA.

The development of this meditation device, which took place over a period of three years, was aimed in particular at creating the KASINA, a modern and up-to-date mind machine which, in addition to maximum convenience, also enables the user to achieve the greatest possible flexibility and versatility in use.

In terms of modern and contemporary equipment and comfort, the KASINA stands out from other mind machines on the market primarily through the following equipment features:

MultiColor Technology

As a modern meditation device, the KASINA naturally supports and includes sessions in multi-color technology. In this regard, the KASINA is equipped with special multi-color glasses, which contain one red LED, two green LEDs and three blue LEDs for each eye. This takes into account the fact that the closed eyelids, through which the light pulses are transmitted to the eye retina, basically act like a red filter and therefore shift all colors into reddish. The higher number of green and blue LEDs per eye counteracts this effect, so that the different colors can be perceived much more clearly and clearly through the closed eyelid than is usually the case with conventional RGB glasses.

The KASINA‘s MultiColor technology also enables independent control of the various colored light channels on the left and right side of the glasses, which also enables smooth color transitions, gradients and changes, right up to unique visual special effects.

As an optionally available accessory, we would also like to point out the DeepVision Ganzfeld glasses for the KASINA, for which we also present a video below. The DeepVision Ganzfeld glasses were developed for use with open eyes and take the audio-visual stimulation experience with the KASINA to a completely new level! In order not to lose a lot of words and to give you an impression of the capabilities of the DeepVision Ganzfeld glasses, we would like to invite you to simply watch the following video – ideally in a darkened room and in full screen mode. Please note, however, that it is almost impossible to convey the original experience with the DeepVision Ganzfeld glasses in the form of a video 1: 1, as the common video cameras heavily overdrive the light contrasts during recording on the one hand and also on the speed on the other cannot keep up with the faster stimulation frequencies. The following video can therefore at best reproduce the experience with the DeepVison Ganzfeld glasses. If necessary, you can also order the DeepVision Ganzfeld glasses directly with the KASINA using the corresponding selection option in the header of this product description.

As already mentioned, a new coding method called SpectraStrobe was developed for the KASINA meditation device, which, in contrast to AudioStrobe technology, now also offers MultiColor support for the first time. For this purpose, the KASINA is equipped with a corresponding SpectraStrobe decoder, which reliably decodes the corresponding SpectraStrobe signals and converts them into visual form via the MultiColor light glasses. The SpectraStrobe process ensures this

  • The individual and independent control of the 6 colored light channels integrated in the KASINA for the three primary colors (red, green and blue) in front of the left and right eye
  • 16 million colors due to 255 brightness levels of each basic color (RGB)
  • Flowing transitions and gradients between different colors as well as rapid color changes
  • Various special effects for fascinating light shows and musical light & sound journeys
  • Different light waveforms (rectangle, sine, triangle, user-defined)
  • Different contrast levels for smooth transitions or rapid changes between light pulses and constant continuous light or shimmer effects

And much more …

Furthermore, 3 different templates with corresponding instructions for the MultiTrack audio software MuLab are also supplied on the micro SD card of the KASINA, with which you can also create simple SpectraStrobe-encoded music files for the KASINA. The MuLab software is available as a free version, which allows the integration of only 4 tracks, and as a paid version without any restrictions. The templates mentioned can also be used with the free version of MuLab.

47 different SpectraStrobe sessions are already included on the supplied microSD card of the KASINA, with the respective audio content of the different SpectraStrobe sessions ranging from soothing natural sounds to various forms of sound modulations and musical ambient sound compositions. The SpectraStrobe Sessions are divided into the following application categories:

  • Accelerate (stimulation and concentration)
  • Meditate (meditation and relaxation)
  • Night Voyage (sleep support and dreaming)
  • Rejuvenate (recovery and regeneration)
  • Trance (trance and hypnosis) as well
  • Mind Art

In particular, the “MindArt” category contains very interesting and artistically designed musical sessions, which take you on magical and sometimes very mystical journeys with light and sound.

Of course, in addition to the SpectraStrobe process, the KASINA meditation device also supports the tried and tested and comparatively simple AudioStrobe process, whereby the AudioStrobe decoder integrated in the KASINA sets new standards. The conversion of the AudioStrobe signals is much more reliable with the KASINA than with other AudioStrobe decoders, as the KASINA ensures a defined standard for the amplitudes of the AudioStrobe signals through appropriate normalization functions and reference signals (this also applies accordingly to the implementation of the SpectraStrobe signals). The otherwise common problem of volume dependency in relation to AudioStrobe technology has largely become obsolete for the KASINA thanks to this standardization.

In addition, the KASINA‘s AudioStrobe decoder is extremely flexible and versatile in that it provides 16 different color selection options for different color light combinations in conjunction with audio strobe sessions – including modes in which the light colors change at random. With these possibilities you can enjoy your AudioStrobe sessions in completely new and versatile color experiences! The 16 different color options for audio strobe sessions are as follows:

  •  White (red + green + blue) – channel separation: left / right
  • Red – channel separation: left / right
  • Yellow (red + green) – channel separation: left / right
  • Green – channel separation: left / right
  • Turquoise (green + blue) – channel separation: left / right
  • Blue – channel separation: left / right
  • Violet (red + blue) – channel separation: left / right
  • Red & green – channel separation: red / green
  • Red & blue – channel separation: red / blue
  • Green & blue – channel separation: green / blue
  • Randomly controlled, flowing color transitions, slow change – channel separation: left / right
  • Randomly controlled, flowing color transitions, medium change – channel separation: left / right
  • Randomly controlled, flowing color transitions, rapid change – channel separation: left / right
  • Randomly controlled rapid color change, slow change – channel separation: left / right
  • Randomly controlled rapid color change, medium change – channel separation: left / right
  • Randomly controlled rapid color change, rapid change – channel separation: left / right

6 different audio strobe sessions are already included on the supplied microSD card of the KASINA, most of which are musical light and sound journeys. In fact, there are about 15-minute samplers for the AudioStrobe albums “Audio Illusions“, “Dreams in the Mind’s Eye“, “Journey of the Drums“, “Tibetan Highlands” and two additional sessions called “Oceamniotic” and “Sleep Cycle” “.

  • KASINA DeepVision Device

  • GanzFrame ™ MultiColor light glasses with 12 LEDs (1 x red, 2 x green and 3 x blue per eye)

  • In-ear earphones

  • USB connection cable

  • USB power adapter

  • Audio connection cable

  • 8GB MicroSD card in SD adapter with 47 SpectraStrobe sessions, 6 AudioStrobe sessions, 22 Sirius sessions as KBS sessions, KBS editor and 3 MuLab templates

  • Carrying and storage bags

  • Download access to the KASINA download area (contains the latest firmware, additional tools and tutorials in German as well as additional sessions for the KASINA)

  •  Download access to the MindExplorer download area (contains over 250 MindExplorer sessions for use with the integrated AudioStrobe decoder)

  • Manual

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