Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal Singing Bowl

Sound healing has been done since ancient times, also known as sound therapy. The concept of sound therapy is based on the idea that every part of your body produces some kind of vibration that resonates in some way. In other words, vibration restoration is based on the idea that everything in the universe (including our bodies) is in a state of vibration.

When your body loses its balance, it can lead to illness. That is, the disease is caused by an obstruction, which prevents the organ from vibrating at its healthy frequency. Sound restoration works by propagating sound waves throughout the body, bringing harmony through oscillation and resonance. This helps restore balance to your body, which in turn helps you restore health.

Crystal singing bowls are new age and unique sound bathing bowls. In this complete guide you will find information about Crystal meditation bowls, what is Crystal singing bowl and how to choose the best crystal meditation bowl.

As we know the benefits of ancient meditation bowls but today we lean on a new generation of meditation bowls. 

Each cell in the human body has a mathematical translucent design. This can assist your body with reverberating the recurrence of quartz gems. Since crystal singing bowls can line up with your chakras, they are generally utilized and thought about powerful singing dishes. They can likewise create the most flawless sound, which is truly reasonable for reflection and singing bowl mending.

Through generations, the importance of sound and its important role in supporting the human spirit and our physical and mental health has been widely known. Our ancestors practiced sound and vibration therapy to resonate with the energy centers or chakras of the human body and support optimal health.

The crystalline structure of cells in our body is similar to the quartz crystal. When a Crystal singing bowl is played our bodies are naturally affected by the vibrations. When The body experiences vibrational therapy may help wellness and ease the dis-ease.

What Is Crystal Singing Bowl

The meditation bowl began its journey in ancient Buddhism. People believe that singing bowls are an indispensable part of Buddhist practice. Sound therapy not only has these origins, but also spans many religions and cultures throughout its history.

The crystal singing bowls came into being in the mid 1970’s. They are made from quartz crystals, a by-product of the computer industry, and are also used to produce artificial diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Known as crucibles, they are produced throughout the world. Initially, the industry only grew microchips with an exact frequency. These beautiful bowls are now available to the public for vibration therapy, meditation, singing, tuning, and musical accompaniment. They are made from the purest silica sand, spun in a centrifugal mold and heated to extremely high temperatures. The walls of each bowl have been calibrated to a precise thickness. Each bowl produced in this way has a specific frequency and pitch. The quartz melting process produces a singing crystal bowl with absolute sound. The clear bowl is made from a part cut from a large diameter quartz tube, which is melted and fused at one end. The tones that are produced when striking the surfaces of these bowls are impressive. It has been found that some of them can be perceived by the human ear at a distance of almost 2,000 feet.

Today it’s very hard to find or very expensive an ancient meditation bowl. Also ancient meditation bowls tend to be very thick and heavy, in many cases impractically for that reason we have crystal singing bowls. It’s easy to find and reach on market with reasonable price. Many shops are selling set of Crystal singing bowls with travel bag and mallet. 

 Although metal bowls are still common, modern technology makes it possible to invent glass bowls, requiring a complicated manufacturing process and the ability to heat glass and sand to extreme temperatures. Today, many alternative practitioners believe that pure quartz crystals can greatly promote the overall health of the human body. As a result, many people want to benefit from the properties that are believed to be healing crystals.

Crystal singing bowls made from pure Quartz Crystal. Basically Quartz Crystal is a hard, crystalline mineral composed of silicon and oxygen atoms.

These meditation bowls are made using a carbon mould. Pure Quartz powder is poured into the rotating mould. Electricity causes an arc to jump to the mould and the heat (approx. 4000  degrees) from this fuses together the particles of quartz to form the bowl. This is all done in an enclosed computer controlled machine. After the bowl is cooled and out from mould the top rim is cut to the correct height. Looking at frosted bowls you can see the graininess on the outside caused by the small pieces of quartz used in its construction. The inside of the bowl has a smoothed and polished appearance caused by the electric arc. Each Crystal meditation bowl is digitally matched with digital scales C, D, E, F, G, A, B, which are related to the different chakras on your body. A larger bowl will produce deeper sounds, which have a greater grounding effect and stronger physical resonance. Smaller bowls are higher in pitch, which can stimulate the higher chakras and create greater spiritual resonance.

In the manufacturing process, it is very important to consider the tone of the sound produced by the final product. Compared with the clear quartz Tibetan bowl, the tone of the frosted bowl is one octave higher.

What Is Benefits Of Crystal Singing Bowls

The Power and Effects of crystal singing bowl are effecting benefits of our body.

Crystal singing bowl works by sending sound waves throughout your body, which brings harmony through oscillation and resonance. The tones of bowls impact us in specific ways. Masters say different tones activate different chakras and organ systems.

The crystal singing bowl contains seven colors of the rainbow, which can stimulate the seven energy centers or chakras of the body. By transmitting pure light to the human aura, this helps heal the listener. Some alternative health professionals believe that this process can expand your awareness and make a positive shift in your consciousness, thereby aligning yourself with your original true self. Quartz crystals are also believed to have the ability to balance their electromagnetic field during Tibetan bowl meditation.

Some energetic health professionals also claim that the Tibetan crystal bowl is the most effective compared to other metal bowls because metal is a foreign body to the human body. Furthermore, crystal bowls are believed to be aligned to match the frequencies found in the human body, and this makes them the most dynamic and modern tools for acoustic bowl therapy. It is for this reason that many people think that the crystal singing bowl is the best singing bowl.

How To Choose the Right Crystal Singing Bowl

When choosing your first crystal singing bowl, you may find the size and bills a bit overwhelming and the options seem endless. Also, investment pressure can prevent you from making decisions. We have completed the process of many people who decided to buy crystal meditation bowls. With that said, we hope to take some time to choose the new Quartz Crystal singing bowl for you to have a pleasant experience.

Crystal singing bowls come in various sizes, shapes, shades, and colors, and even gem-encrusted bowls. The easiest way is to choose the bowl that you like the most. This means letting the bowl sing and trying to interact with it emotionally and physically. You can also listen to sound clips to understand how you feel. Let your intuition guide you. After choosing the shade that suits you best, consider the different sizes and weights of the crystal bowl. When touching the crystal singing bowl, it is important to understand its claims and ideas. Your thought process affects sound. When you use these bowls deliberately, you can better experience the powerful healing effects of these bowls

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