10 Minutes Mindfulness Meditation For Better Life

10 Minutes Mindfulness Meditation For Better Life

We’re not out to make mindfulness the quick fix in times of downturn. Like all new things in life, learning meditation takes time and effort. But if it can drastically reduce anxiety, has been proven to lead to increased focus, compassion and joy, and can help you sleep better at night, I think you’ll be a huge fan! According to many scientific studies and happiness experts, meditation works for everyone, including you! After 8 weeks you can already see changes in the brain structure and that with just ten minutes of meditating a day. Curious about what this daily meditation can mean for you? Then be sure to read on…..

The many results from scientific studies on the effects of meditation are astonishing. One of the most important and striking results is: meditation causes the parts in your brain responsible for happiness and positivity to grow. And the parts where stress and unrest are located become smaller. What a wonderful result, but how do you achieve this? Such a healthy meditation effect is already achieved if you meditate for ten minutes a day. Take ten minutes, or two times five minutes, to feel your breath flowing in and out of your body. During this meditation, remain patient and calm and try not to wander. If you notice that you are drifting, bring your focus back to the breathing calmly and effortlessly. That’s all! It can of course be difficult, but practice makes perfect.

Various studies have shown that after eight weeks there is a clear change in the amount of gray matter in different parts of the brain. The most striking results were found in the following four brain regions:

1. The posterior singularis anterior: processing emotions and regulating the ability to concentrate. Here the gray matter increased.

2. The left hippocampus: learning ability, processing and understanding information, and the regulation of emotions. Here too, the gray matter increased.

3. The amygdala: negative emotions such as aggression, fear and stress. Here the gray matter actually decreased.

4. The temporal partial junction: self-awareness, empathy and compassion. Here the gray matter increased.

These findings confirm that regular meditation does indeed make you calmer, more focused, more empathetic, more balanced, less aggressive, less anxious and less stressed. It is nice if you can take the time to meditate for 10 minutes every day. Mindfulness training is an effective way to help you meditate, reduce stress and relax. Learn to let go of negative and fearful thoughts earlier and better and be more conscious in life. Would you also like to master these skills well? If so, I’d be happy to help you with that. During an experiential group training of 8 weeks I will take on this challenge with you. In a comfortable setting I offer you plenty of space to experience what mindfulness is and can mean for you. Got curious?

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